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List of problems which could be recommended or included in a standardised suite

This is really a zeroth draft: it is NOT a recommendation.

Links point to the classification of existing benchmarks.

One good option might be a bioinformatics classification problem such as the Infobiotics problems mentioned here. A large effort has gone into Infobiotics to produce a benchmark intended to be useful to the community. We should aim to join with good existing work, rather than compete with it or splinter the effort of people in this space.

Difficulty arises through large problem size, generality, or multiple outputs. Is there a difficult Boolean problem whose fitness values do not clump in powers of two (see under benchmark criteria, above)?

  • One game

Obvious candidates are TORCS car-racing, Mario, and Ms Pacman. All are established competitions -- again, the aim is to join with existing effort rather than fragment or compete.

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